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15 baby travel essentials

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase after clicking through the link. Rest assured, I only recommend products that I have personally used and found helpful, have researched and am passion about.

Over the past two years, we have traveled a lot with our daughter, Milena. From quick road trips to 10+ hour plane rides, we've spent a lot of time traveling with a little one and we've learned what products make our travels easier and less stressful.

Traveling with a baby isn't easy, but it doesn't have to be the nightmare so many people often say it is. With the right gear, and some patience, your trip, whether by plane, car or train, can be easy and enjoyable!

Check out my top 15 baby travel essentials for every type of family vacation!

Travel Diaper Bag/Backpack

If you are like me, finding the perfect diaper bag is like a quest straight out of LOTR. Near impossible. When Milena was first born, I went through a couple of diaper bags trying to find the right one. They all seemed to be too bulky, or too small, or didn't have enough storage. Until I found MonoBeach's travel diaper backpack.

While no bag is perfect (this bag doesn't come with a changing pad). MonoBeach did a fantastic job designing a bag with a traveling family in mind. For one it has 13 pockets that will keep all of our baby's travel items organized instead of all thrown into a bottomless pit. Also, there are three insulated milk pockets, it can be turned into a backpack or handbag, it can easily hang from your stroller AND its waterproof! How amazing is this bag? Its also affordable at just $36.99, compared to many other bags that are $75+.



I hate spending a lot of money on material, but some baby items are worth splurging on. Cue in the BABYBJORN travel crib.

It's modern and sleek, but the crib's simple set up and fold up features are what make this thing so amazing. Ryan and I first saw this crib displayed at the baby store. I am horrible at all things mechanical and can never figure out baby cribs, car seats, etc. but I quickly set up and folded down this crib in one quick movement with ease. I was sold.

So while this crib is pricey, it isn't bulky once folded up and its easy to carry if you are heading out on a road trip or visiting family. It is also designed with your baby's safety and comfort in mind so you know your little one will be getting a good nights rest while traveling.


LulyBoo Foldable Travel Bassinet

I can't tell you how much we used this foldable bassinet. Even if we were just visiting a family member's home, this bassinet is perfect to put your little one down for a nap. I knew my daughter was sleeping in safe, comfortable space no matter where we were.

Its easily folds into a backpack so you can easily carry it with you which is great if you are flying. You can use it to let your little one sleep while waiting for a flight and give your arms a quick break which is a must when traveling.


Blackout Travel Curtain

Sleep for your baby is incredibly important when traveling. It can either cause your family vacay to be full of memories you cherish, or an utter nightmare that you'll wish to forget.

Hotels and Airbnb's often have simple curtains in the bedrooms which can make it difficult to put your baby down for a nap or bedtime as the sun shines through. AmazonBasics fixed this issue. All parents rejoice!

The sturdy curtains block out all light coming in from a window and are easily secured to the glass by its suction cups. The curtains can be put up and taken down quickly and without any damage to the wall/window. Its a perfect way to ensure your room is dark and relaxing for your baby during your travels.


ZOHZO Car Seat Travel Bag

I have a love/hate relationship with car seats, like I'm sure most moms have. Of course I love them because they keep my daughter safe, but I hate lugging these giant things around when I'm traveling. And since they aren't cheap, you bet I am going to protect these necessary nuisances the best I can.

Airlines have a policy that they are only liable for lost car seats, not for damage, and we all know how rough they are with our luggage. So no matter where or what airline we are flying, we always bring our ZOHZO car seat bag. It protects your baby's car seat from any slight dings or scratches and makes carrying the car seat so much easier.

When we moved to Costa Rica, I flew by myself with our daughter and had to lug all of our luggage and her car seat by myself. The ZOHZO bag is like a giant backpack that I was easily able to throw on my back leaving me hands free to push the luggage cart. Also, it gives me a piece of mind that her $200 seat is less likely to be damaged.


Summer Infant Lite Convenience Stroller

When traveling with a baby, especially when flying, I want an easily collapsable stroller that is durable and compact, and the Summer Infant Convenience Stroller is perfect!

Its light and while it is bigger than a normal umbrella stroller, it comes with more bells and whistles and is more comfortable for your little one. It reclines almost flat which we loved since Milena could take a comfortable nap while we were sightseeing. It also comes with a canopy to help keep her in the shade.

And the biggest plus? It has plenty of storage room. Many compact strollers lose a lot of basket space but the Summer Infant stroller has enough storage for a large diaper bag, purse and even comes with a cup holder.


BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One

If you prefer to baby wear, BABYBJORN Baby Carrier is perfect for any type of travel. It keeps your little one close to you and leaves your hands free to worry about other travel related things. This baby carrier has four carrying positions, two front and two back, and provides comfort not only for your baby but for you as well.

Opting to baby carry instead of using a stroller leaves you one less item to have to worry about when traveling. Some cities, unfortunately, aren't very stroller friendly and even some museums prohibit strollers so its important to know you may need a baby carrier at certain locations. Its also keeps you close to your baby so no worries, God forbid, about anyone taking off with your little one in busy destinations.


Munchkin GoBoost Travel Booster Seat

While traveling with a baby, making meal time easy and stress free is important. With Munchkin's travel booster seat, you do not have to worry if your Airbnb, hotel and even restaurants will have high chairs.

This travel seat is small, can be easily cleaned and even has a storage container for diapers, wipes, bottles, etc. I love how it has a strap so I can easily transport the seat and it is compact enough to bring on long trips.


OXO Tot On-the-Go Drying Rack with Bottle Brush

The OXO Tot drying rack is essential when traveling with a baby! We used this so much on all of our vacations that we had to buy a replacement. Its compact, sanitary and helps your baby's bottles, pacifiers, teethers, etc. clean quickly. It was great to have if we were staying in a hotel room when we had no kitchenette.

I was able to quickly clean my daughters bottles/sippy cups and the rack allowed me to have a sanitary place for them to dry. Its inexpensive and like most of OXO's products, stylish!


SELEWARE Portable and Stackable Snack Container

Snacks are a huge help when keeping little ones preoccupied on long trips, but they can be a pain to try and carry with you to make sure they are crushed. This is why I make sure to bring our SELEWARE's stackable snack container.

This portable snack container has a four piece twist and lock system which makes these it perfect for traveling with a baby or toddler. You can easily store formula, snacks, medicines and even liquids and it can slips into any bag or backpack. Even better, its leak proof and air tight so everything remains fresh.


Mom's Besty Portable Diaper Changing Pad

When babies do their business, its comforting to know you are traveling with a changing pad thats comfortable and efficient. Mom's Besty changing pad is perfect for travel as it has a head cushion for your little one to protect form hard services and it has a velcro tab that makes it easy to unfold.

After several years of traveling with our daughter, we've learned that its hard some destinations to find changing tables. Costa Rica and Colombia are two of them. I often had to use the floor of the bathroom, absolutely disgusting, and I was glad to have this changing pad to keep my daughter as clean and comfy as possible.


Babyganics Hand Sanitizing Wipes

And on that note, antibacterial wipes!

Traveling is dirty, no matter which way you cut it. You are typically around more people which means more germs and traveling with sick kids is zero fun.

Airplanes are known to be cesspools of bacteria. Tray tables are actually one of the dirtiest places on a plane which is where our little ones will be playing and eating on. These wipes are alcohol free and perfect to throw in your diaper bag for your next trip. Its easy to clean off their hands, tables, high chairs, and changing pads to ensure they are staying germ-free.

Another plus? They aren't tested on animals and have non-allergenic ingredients! Win-win.


Munchkin Diaper Bag Dispenser

Traveling with babies can stink, in more ways than you think. Trying to dispose of dirty diapers is something every parent has to think about whether you're on a road trip or airplane.

We've used Munchkins Arm & Hammer diaper bag dispensers since Milena was a newborn. The baking soda in the bag traps all of the odors which is perfect if you need to throw away a diaper on an airplane or in the car. Its clips onto almost any bag and perfect for traveling.

This product has also been great for putting our daughters clothing or blankets that have gotten dirty due to spit up or car sickness. They are super handy and effective!


Deft Travel Sink Packets

These travel detergent packets are a parent's life saver! Whether for short or long trips, dirty laundry always piles up. And when traveling with a baby, double or even triple that amount. Spit up, food, mud and all other sorts of stains will magically appear all over your baby's clothes, and even on you.

What so great about these is they are lightweight and can easily slip into your cosmetic bag or luggage. Simply add warm water in your hotel sink and voila! Deft's products are sensitive enough for your baby's skin but tough enough to get stains off your clothes.


Noise Cancelling Baby Ear Phones

This is one product we luckily don't need when we travel with Milena as she isn't sensitive to loud noises and can sleep through any and all noises. But, I know plenty of parents who have used noise canceling headphones for their kiddos and swear by them. Flying in an airplane isn't quiet, especially during take off and can start off your trip on the wrong foot if it scares your child. Having these headphones will ensure your baby will not be startled so you and your children can have fun in louder environments.

In 2016, We went to a wedding in Puerto Rico and there was another baby at the party. The mom was so smart and brought noise canceling ear phones for her son and he was able to fall asleep mid-wedding while the music was blaring. The couple was able to enjoy the festivities knowing their son was relaxed and his ears safe. Smart mom for the win!

Are there any travel products you swear by when traveling with a baby? Share in the comments your tips and recommendations!

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