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Baby's first flight to Europe

A House of Sparrows

Hours of packing and mindlessly stressing the you know what out has led to today. In just one hour we will be taking off across the pond for Germany. It will be Milena's first flight to Europe and our longest stretch on a plane with a baby.

Am I worried? Yes! Am I anxious? Yes, yes, yes! But am I so incredibly excited to see my little girl experience the sights and tastes of Germany? Million times yes.

We looked like the typical first time flying family checking in; dozen of bags (all over weight), panic stricken faces thinking we forgot something, dirty diaper as soon as we arrived, and sweaty brows from carrying practically our entire house with us. But we made it! In shy of 11 hours we will be with my husband's family drinking a cold Licher beer, and chowing down on homemade Schnitzel. I literally can't hold in my excitement.

I can't deny I'm worried about Milena on this flight. She is such an easy baby but this is a long stretch for her to be cooped up in a plane. And with it being an overnight flight, I am dreading the tired and grumpy looks from other patrons if she decides bed time ain't happenin'. We will just have to wait and see!

All I know for sure is we are finally on vacation and will get to enjoy a full three weeks of family fun in Germany! Tschüss!

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