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20 Christmas gifts for the world traveler

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase after clicking through the link. Rest assured, I only recommend products that I have personally used and found helpful, have researched and am passion about.

Christmas gift for travelers

Christmas is and always will be my favorite holiday. I love hearing Christmas music echoing through the house with the smell of cinnamon sneaking out of the kitchen. Our family sits around the table drinking Glühwein, putting together a kitschy puzzle and reminiscing of past holidays.

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is buying gifts for my loved ones. I can't put into words how happy I feel once I find the perfect gift for someone. I know Christmas is much more than the presents, but its the one time in the year I can splurge for my family who support and love me so much.

Most of my family and close friends are travel enthusiasts. So I put together a list of 20 Christmas gifts for the world traveler. Whether its your spouse, best friend or even kiddo, these 20 gifts are sure to make the traveler in your life happy and eager to book their next trip!

SwissGear Travel Backpack

A good backpack is key when traveling, and one that protects your laptop is even better. Ryan actually uses this backpack and he loves it. Its waterproof and has a ScanSmart compartment which helps you quickly get through TSA without having to remove your laptop from your bag.


Shacke Pak

If you're like me, staying organized doesn't come naturally. And when it comes to packing, I end up shoving as much as I can, in no particular order into my luggage. Its chaotic and most of my clothes end up in a wrinkled mess. Packing cubes to the rescue! They are a lifesaver and keep your items clean, and organized.The Shacke Pak cubes come in several fun colors and are made of high quality, water-proof material in order to withstand travels near and far.


In Her Kitchen

Grandmothers truly are the best, and they always seem to be the best cooks. Gabriele Galimberti's book "In Her Kitchen" is full of beautiful portraits from grandmothers all over the world. In the images, they all sit before their signature dish showing the diversity of cuisines from country to country. Food is such an essential part to traveling, and this book takes a unique approach in displaying our vibrant cultures.


Not All Who Wander Are Lost Bracelet

This is one of my favorite travel quotes which makes me love this bracelet. Its a rose gold tint and goes perfectly with some wanderlust.


Zoppen Rfid Blocking Travel Wallet

As I mentioned previously, organization isn't my strong suit. So flying, especially with a toddler, its important for me to keep my tickets, credit cards and passport in a safe and organized wallet. The Zoppen travel wallet is not only perfect for carrying your travel documents, it has a RFID blocking shield in the material which protects your information from pesky thieves.


Carrying Case for GoPro

Have a adrenaline junkie in the family? They most likely travel everywhere with their GoPro and this carrying case is perfect for keeping their camera and accessories protected. Its compatible with all GroPro cameras and keeps the camera safe and organized with foam padding and pre-cut slots to hold everything in place.


S'well Steel Water Bottle

Staying hydrating while traveling is extremely important but most of the time plastic water bottles are the only option. Our oceans are drowning in plastic pollution, so do the Earth a favor and give your traveler a S'well steel water bottle. It will keep their beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 and is sleek enough to fit in their backpack. The opal marble design is unique and the oceans will thank you!


Hanging Luggage Scale

Is it just me or does your luggage almost always reach 50lbs? It never fails in our household and the dreaded luggage fees always pile up. For the traveler in your life, make sure to get them the Etekcity 110lb, digital luggage scale. It has accurate weighing for their next trip and is compact enough for them to bring on their trip. It saves any traveler the hassle of moving your items around your bags at the ticket counter and is a perfect stocking stuffer.


Reusable Wine Bottle Protector

Wine Wings' reusable wine bottle protectors are perfect for the traveling wino. The bubble sleeve has an inner skin that is leak proof so your items in your suitcase are safe from any spills. This nifty gift allows anyone to bring home wine, beer, champagne or spirits and not worry about the bottle breaking. And even better? They are reusable!


Scratch Off Travel Poster

Almost every traveler I know has some sort of way of displaying their past travels to remind them of all the memories they have made. A fun way to track your previous trips is to use a scratch off travel poster made by Maps International. Its perfect for showing what cities and countries you traveled to and as you scratch off places it will reveal a beautiful world map.


Worldwide Travel Adapter

For any traveler its key to have an adapter when visiting foreign countries. There are 4 major types of plugs across the world, and the UPPEL travel adapter conveniently combines them all into one. This single adapter works in over 150 countries and is lightweight and compact so you save on luggage space. In addition, this adapter is able to charge up to 3 devices! A perfect stocking stuffer for any world traveler.


Bon Voyage Desk Calendar

Rifle Paper's Bon Voyage desk calendar is a beautiful collection of travel-inspired images. The globe trotter in your life will love the 12 illustrations and may even give them a bout of wanderlust!


Travel Journal

As an avid writer, I love carrying a journal with me during my travels. Its a perfect way to remember your travels and there is something special about looking back at your own written words. The Maleden spiral, leather journal is the perfect size and look for the traveler in your life. Its blank pages are refillable and is great for sketching maps, jotting down ideas or using it as a travel diary.


Luggage Bag Tag Set

Once you land, its the worst to have to wait for your luggage. Your pumped to get to your destination and the last thing you want is to have trouble finding your bag. The 5 piece luggage tag set by Bundle Monster is a funny way to add your information to your bag. The tags all have warning/caution messages that provide you and other travelers a laugh. They are durable, laser cut silicon so they will stand up to airport travel.


Travel Fund Piggy Bank

Traveling isn't cheap and it seems prices these days are just getting higher and higher. So get your travel buddy a piggy bank to help them save up for their next trip! "Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer".


Travel Cable Organizer

Nowadays, everything needs to be charged, and everything comes with a ridiculous amount of cords. Its hard to keep everything organized let alone together. BAGSMART designed a cable organizer for travel that is durable and has a water repellent case. The organizer fits easily into a backpack and has multiple pockets of various sizes to keep all your tech accessories neat and safe.


Adventure Enamel Mug

I'm a bit biased on this one. Not only do I love collecting mugs, but I always seem to have a cup of coffee in my hand. If you know of a coffee drinking, traveler, this enamel mug is a perfect gift to start their morning off inspired by adventure.


Portable Charger

Running out of battery on an international flight is borderline torture, especially if you are unfortunate enough to have no in-flight entertainment. The Anker PowerCore portable charger is a compact external battery that ensures you won't run into the dilemma of running out of battery. This mini charger adds 6 hours of talk time to your phone and comes in 5 colors.


The Travel Book

Lonely Planet's "The Travel Book" takes its reader on a journey throughout the world. With 850 images of 230 countries, the book highlights the vastness and beauty of this planet. Its a perfect book for a traveler's coffee table to inspire future travels and start passionate conversations.


Theft-Resistant Drawstring Backpack

Let your travel be worry free with Loctote Flak Sack that is nearly theft proof! Its made of slash resistant fabric with a built in RFID blocking material so its shielded from unauthorized scanning. Also, its water repellent so you don't have to worry about ruining your items inside. Simply "cinch it, pull it, lock it, and leave it"!

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