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A date night at Sixty Vines

At least once a month, my husband and I search for a new, trendy restaurant in Dallas to try for date night. I kept hearing local bloggers buzz about Sixty Vines in Plano, so we tried it out and it did not disappoint.

Sixty Vines date night
Sixty Vines date night

When you walk through the door, you know this isn't your typical wine bar. Its missing the warm ambience, plush sofas and dark wooden accents. Instead, a minimalist design with communal tables and modern decor fill the space. Its fresh and clean, original. Small touches like hexagon tile at the entrance, and marbled designed menus let you know a very careful approach was taken to highlight the modern take Sixty Vines has on wine tasting. As soon as you walk in, the large array of wine selections on tap meets your eye and my inner wino was eager to get seated.

Sixty Vines date night

We were greeted by their hostesses who were refreshingly upbeat and friendly and then introduced to our waitress who was very knowledgeable of the wine and menu options. Staff at new restaurants on a Friday night can be a hit or a miss. But Sixty Vines obviously took great care in staff training which really paid off.

Wine on tap has been around for a few years but finding this large of a restaurant with this many options makes Sixty Vines a trend setter in the wine world. They offer a great selection of white and red varieties for those patrons preferring sweet, fruity or bold and dry. We chose to try their 2.5 oz glasses of wine for a "wine tasting" and explore options they had. They have seven Vine Hugger wines which are made exclusively for the restaurant and their "50/50" blend was my personal favorite.

Most wine bars only offer cheese and charcuterie which is why I feel Sixty Vines will be so successful. Wine is meant to be enjoyed with food and Sixty Vines menu has a variety of dishes that will pair well with their wines. We opted to start off with the Salumi and Cheese board which offered a decent spread of meats, cheeses and olives that went nicely with our wines.

Sixty Vines date night

I ordered their roasted eggplant rigatoni which was really good, not the best dish I've ever eaten but still tasty and pretty to look at. My husband ordered the mushroom fregula served risotto style which was delicious. It was an earthy and meaty dish and was by far our favorite dish. And since I am a carboholic, I ordered their potatoes cooked in duck fat and savored every last bite of the fatty goodness.

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed our first night at Sixty Vines and plan on returning. It is a loud restaurant, there were times my husband and I couldn't hear each other over the table but it was Friday. If you are looking for a romantic and private date night, I'd pass on Sixty Vines. But if you are searching for flavorful food, impeccable service and drinking a multitude of wines served on tap, stop by Sixty Vines. Your inner wino will not be disappointed!

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