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Day trip to Eltz Castle

When you travel to Germany, you will quickly realize the country has no shortage of castles for you to visit. With about 20,000 castle, it says a lot that Eltz Castle (Burg Eltz) is continuously ranked as one of the most beautiful castles in Germany, if not all of Europe.

Elt Castle

We visited Eltz Castle in 2017 and quickly fell in love with the enchanting atmosphere surrounding the landscape. It is located in a heavily wooded area, away from main traffic, and is situated in a bright, green valley which highlights the castle's stunning architecture. The romantic setting transports you back in time and it is pretty darn incredible that this medieval castle is so well preserved and that the same family has owned the castle for over 800 years!

Eltz Castle
Eltz Castle

Eltz Castle Location

Eltz Castle is nestled in the beautiful Mosel Valley between Koblenz and Trier, Germany and about a two hour drive from Frankfurt. Its by far one of my favorite regions of Germany.

Getting There

Even though Eltz Castle isn't the most accessible castle in Germany, you do have multiple options on getting there.

By car/motorbike

The easiest mode of transportation is to drive and their website provides easy directions to get to their parking lot. The parking costs 2€ for cars/motorbikes and there is an option to hike a 15 minute foot path or take a 10 minute bus (for additional fees) to the castle from the parking lot. We chose the footpath and its a peaceful walk to the Eltz Castle that offers some nice photos.

By bus

On weekends from May to October, their is a bus that takes you from the Moselle to the Eltz Castle. The bus runs four times a day and offers a trailer if you decide to take your bicycle. Check out the castle's website for more information on arriving by bus.

By train

The two closest train stops are the Moselkern and Hatzenport and from there you can either hire a taxi or hike along the Elz River (90 minutes) to get to the castle. Check times before you plan your trip, some of the train stops are only seasonal.

By foot

If you are able, the most recommended option of arriving to Eltz Castle is to hike. Eltz Castle Panorama is an award-winning hike that stretches 12.6 km (roughly 5 hours) through the Rhineland-Palatinate. Its a beautiful hike for seasoned hikers that offers marvelous views of the area surrounding the castle.

There are less-strenuous options to the Eltz Castle that you can find on their website.

Hours & fees

Eltz Castle is open daily from April to October from 9:30 to 5:30pm. We chose to skip the guided tour but if you decide to check out the interior of the castle, it costs 10€ for adults and 6.50€ for students with other discounted options for groups.

You can still visit the castle during the off season, you just won't be able to enter. This option may offer some better photo opportunities since you won't have random people scattered throughout your pictures like we did.

Eltz Castle

The Eltz Castle is a real gem and well worth your time. We enjoyed wondering around the castle grounds and admiring the architecture and beautiful landscape. Make sure Eltz Castle, the true fairytale castle of Germany, is on your list of must-sees!

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