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What to pack in your carry-on bag

packing your carry-on bag

No matter where I am traveling to, I always pack a few days before my flight and I tend to always bring the same items in my carry-on bag. Your flight is the beginning of your vacation so why not have your trip start off relaxed and stress free?

I pack only the essentials but I make sure I have all the products I need to have an enjoyable flight, especially if its overnight.

So, what exactly do you need to pack in your carry-on bag?


Invest in a good travel wallet that holds your boarding pass, passport and cash. It will keep you organized and less likely to lose anything important.

  • Passport - always check your expiration date when you book your flights. I can't tell you how many stories I've heard of people arriving for their flight with an expired passport, me included.

  • Boarding pass

  • Address of where I am staying - when you arrive at customs you will need this information. I bring a written copy of the address and take a picture on my phone.


After being stuck in a metal container with complete strangers for 8+ hours, I want to arrive at my destination refreshed and relaxed. Flying is notorious for drying out your skin and throwing your body's system out of whack. So try and pack items to alleviate some of the not-so-pleasant symptoms of flying.

  • Chapstick and lotion

  • Makeup remover wipes - I always take off my makeup on overnight flights to freshen up

  • Mascara - I bring mascara to brighten up my face before we land, it is m go-to beauty product

  • Contact solution

  • Deodorant

  • Toothbrush - chewing gum actually makes you more bloated so opt for a toothbrush or mints. We all know how bloating can ruin even our best days. *Also, use the water from your bottle water to brush your teeth. Airplane water is full of bacteria.*

  • Hand sanitizer - self-explanatory, planes are known for being cesspools of germs


The airlines are decreasing our leg space and our inflight luxuries. However, if you pack efficiently you can bring some comfort with you to make the long flights bearable.

  • Scarf or light jacket - I hate having to lug around a jacket so I always bring a large blanket scarf to keep me warm since planes are often pretty chilly.

  • Sleeping mask

  • Ear plugs - I never use ear plugs but if you are a light sleeper, this is a must

  • Travel pillow


Hydration and healthy eating are key when flying, especially for curbing jet lag.

  • Water - I always buy a large water bottle after passing through security. Hydration helps with jet lag and keeps your skin from drying out

  • Healthy snacks - i.e. almonds, sliced veggies, dried fruit, homemade granola bars, etc.

  • Something sweet


  • Tablet - I love to read so I always bring my iPad on trips since I avoid having to bring bulky reading material. I load several books on my iPad before every trip.

  • Phone

  • Headphones

  • Journal - I love to jot down my thoughts and experiences while I travel so I always bring a journal or notepad

  • Adapters

  • Portable power bank - power banks are life savers on long flights. I can't tell you how many times they have come in handy during long layovers


Always pack your valuables (and medicine) in your carry-on in case your luggage gets lost or security gets stick fingers.

  • Camera equipment

  • Money - I always put half of my cash in my wallet then the other half in another location just in case one hiding spot is stolen or lost

  • Jewelry

  • Important medicines

Don't forget the 3-1-1 rule when flying with liquids. All liquids should be under 3.4 oz, fit in 1 quart sized plastic bag and each passenger is allowed just 1 bag. Security does not budge on this rule (even if they have not been opened) so make sure to pack in these requirements.

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