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Traveling by song

Music has the power to carry people back in time and gaze upon their memories. And for me, music fuels my love of travel by transporting me to different locations I love or yearn to visit. I can close my eyes and be engulfed by melodies and lyrical poetry that perfectly embody a city or destination.

Living in a concrete, flat city creates a feverish urge to escape to the mountains and be lost among nature. And lately, all I can think about is heading to the beautiful, Pacific Northwest and to sit among the fog and pines, and feel free of everything.

Mighty Oaks has a song, The Great Northwest, that transports me to beneath the mountains and has provided me with an even deeper desire to make the journey to the Pacific Northwest. They are based in Berlin but the lead singer is from Washington and throughout their music he has paid homage to his home and especially in The Great Northwest.

When I listen to this song, I daydream about traveling to Oregon or Washington, and sipping coffee on a porch of an isolated cabin, watching my fire burn strong beneath a star filled sky. Its a beautiful song filled with deep emotion and memories of a love once had and I'm so thankful I found this gem.

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