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This time-lapse will make you want to travel to Norway

If you haven't been to Norway, this video will motivate you to buy your plane ticket today.

Video by Rusted Media

A few years ago, I watched this spectacular, time-lapse video on Norway. I fell in love and have been planning our family trip ever since. The imagery is beautifully put together and highlights the artist's 5 month journey throughout the country. It is breathtaking.

A trip to Norway is at the top of our family's bucket list and we're planning on a two week vacation so we can try and experience as much of the country as possible. We hope to travel to Oslo, Bergen, the Lofted Islands, Trondheim, and cruise along the fjords. Hopefully next spring we will finally be able to travel to beautiful Norway and experience firsthand the beautiful sights you will see in the time-lapse video.

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