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10 travel bloggers you need to follow on Instagram

Instagram travel blogers

One of the best things about social media is its ability to connect people with similar interests throughout the world. And Instagram is a travel lovers paradise with dozens of bloggers sharing their photos of theirs travels.

I check out my Instagram feed daily to feed my never-ending wanderlust, especially if I'm not traveling. Check out my top 10 travel bloggers and get ready to get inspired to travel the world!

When pictures can produce deep emotion, I am instantly hooked. And that is exactly what Tomas' photography does. He has a huge passion for adventure and travel which is clear from his Instagram feed. Tomas' night photography is my favorite since he perfectly captures the magnitude of a starry night sky.


Whether it is mountains or lakes, Katie perfectly captures the landscape and feeling of adventure. Sitting in a city looking over her photos, her account lets me escape to the mountains for a brief moment. Fellow campers and nature lovers will enjo her feed.


I love this feed, and not only because Hunter has a gorgeous golden retriever named Aspen Hunter and his wife travel a lot throughout the U.S. and Canada with their pup, and capture stunning pictures of their time in the wilderness.


Hannes is a world explorer with some major photography skills. His photos scream adventure and make you want to get lost in the wilderness. My favorite photos are of his travels throughout Scandinavia, he really captures the raw beauty of the landscape.


Two words, "picture perfect" describe Brooke's Instagram feed. Her photos are vibrant and inviting and no matter where she is at, she perfectly captures the location. She is currently traveling through Europe which makes me anxious to head back!


Liz was one of the first travel bloggers I started following and for good reason. She takes incredible photos of New Zealand, her new home, and her other travels throughout the globe. She is very outdoorsy so her feed is perfect for fellow nature lovers.


Eli and his wife are a gorgeous couple traveling the world together. Their feed is very Instagram worthy with their romantic travels throughout Europe and Asia. #couplegoals


This couple has come up with a really cool way to document their travels and that is by calculating how far from home they are when their photo is taken. It makes for an interesting feed knowing the distance between their comfort zone and the foreign city they are visiting.


Kiersten always seems to be somewhere new and exotic and as a fellow female traveler, she inspires me to take the risk and be adventurous. She is currently living in South Africa so her feed is filled with some beautiful photos of southern Africa.


Eating the local cuisine is a must while you travel, and Mel does exactly that. Her feed is filled with yummy, local food from various countries. As a foodie, I love seeing her pictures come across my screen of the beautiful and unique snacks from across the globe.

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