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A House of Sparrows travel wish list

One of my favorite parts of traveling is daydreaming of locations I have never visited and putting together itineraries that we will hopefully use one day. Creating a wish list, or bucket list, helps you keep inspired and motivated to make your goals happen while going about your day-to-day life. It keeps our family remembering why we do what we do and to strive to make our travel dreams happen.

Our family always has several locations on our bucket list and we make an effort to put our plans into action. We currently have 5 destinations we hope to soon scratch off our bucket list.


Norway travel wish list

Fjords, the northern lights, friendly locals, viking traditions, fresher than fresh seafood, jaw dropping coastlines, and labeled the happiest country in the world, Norway is pretty much a traveler's treasure trove. Several of our family friends have taken road trips throughout the country (one has even moved there) and the pictures and stories they have shared with us have fueled our desire to visit.

We plan on conquering Norway the right way, with a full 14 days to try and see various parts of the country. I follow Visit Norway on Facebook and they constantly share useful tips and travel updates that will not only help you plan your visit, but will fill your feed with insanely beautiful pictures of Norway to fuel your wanderlust.

Some cities/sights that are on our must see list are:

If you aren't already in love with this Scandinavian beauty, check out this time lapse video and I'm sure you'll fall in love like we have!


Japan travel wish list

Japan has always been on my travel radar. A history rich in ancient traditions, blended with one of the most modernized cultures in the world, Japan is a sensory overload and I'm just dying to get there.

I've always been curious, and often times passionate, when it comes to learning about history, cultures, and their traditions. Knowing about the past is an integrable part of traveling and I always strive to be as respectful and educated before I head to a new destination. Japan's history is scattered throughout its culture and it is openly accepted and valued by its modern generation. Pretty amazing.

Lately, Japan has been on the top of my travel radar since a few bloggers (Cupcakes and Cashmere, Amber Fillerup Clark) have made the trip and shared their Instagram worthy photos. My parents are interested in taking a trip to Japan and hopefully in the next year we can make our first Asian expedition happen!


If you don't have an obsession with Slovenia, you're missing out on one beautiful country. I mean, check out their tourist board Instagram, Feel Slovenia. You'll be wondering why you haven't booked your ticket!

I'm constantly searching through their page and liking every...single...picture, and I'm not exaggerating. I love every sight, city, mountain, lake, etc. of this country. I've got some major wanderlust for Slovenia. For how many times we travel to Europe, I am shocked I haven't made it Slovenia. We always plan to go but somehow it always gets lost in the shuffle when it comes to logistics.

But not anymore.

Slovenia has far too many sights and such a rich culture for us to miss out on it for another year. To name a few:

Pacific Northwest

I like living in Dallas. Its cosmopolitan, convenient, family lives here and its surprisingly fun.

But I am far from loving it.

Its a concrete jungle with very little to offer in the nature department. Daily, I yearn to escape and get lost in a remote cabin in of the most captivating parts of the world, the Pacific Northwest. This region, specifically Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, celebrates nature at its finest. Raw, unapologetic scenery that cascades through mountains down to rocky coastlines. It beckons me to visit.

Several websites have posted road trips traveling through the area and from the information I gathered, a 14 day road trip would allow you to see all the necessary sights while enjoying the landscape. It seems to be a relatively inexpensive vacation and one that will reward our family in priceless memories for years to come.

Machu Picchu

Do you have that one destination that is always in the back of your mind, taunting you to buy the ticket and just go?

Peru is my tease. I have my tour company already picked out, I have my hiking bags already purchased, I know what time of year I want to travel and I know what pictures I am going to take to try and capture the incredible view of Machu Picchu.

My desire to travel to Peru started when I read the book, Turn Right at Machu Picchu by Mark Adams. Its a literary tale about an author who decides to journey through the footsteps of the young explorer Hiram Bingham III who discovered the Incan ruins.

An Indian Jones fanatic and lover of all things old and historic, I was instantly hooked and bought several more books on the Incan culture and Machu Picchu, and began planning my imaginary trip. Its all planned out, all I need is the time and precious cash to get my explorer heart down to South America and hike the ancient trail to Machu Picchu.

What destinations are on your bucket list?

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