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My Airbnb wish list

Over the past few years I have been "collecting" Airbnb listings that I have found through Airbnb's Picks. These curated lists have some pretty amazing and unique accommodations and I find myself falling in love with homes and apartments in foreign cities. If you are already daydreaming about getting away, Airbnb listings will encourage you to take that trip!

Here are my favorite Airbnb listings that I'd love to escape to.

Do you have any Airbnb wish lists?

#1 An Icelandic view like no other


#2 A romantic house in the heart of Tuscany


#3 Escape to a magical watchtower in Burgundy


#4 A modern and cozy loft in Northern Finland


#5 Beautiful loft blocks from downtown Nashville


#6 A luxurious getaway in the Gold Coast, Australia


#7 Get close to nature in Elqui Valley, Chile


#8 My Italian dream home


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