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Malmö day trip from Copenhagen

Scandinavia has always appealed to me and has silently beckoned me to visit. I don't personally know anyone from there, I've never traveled to any of the countries, I don't know much about their cuisine but from what I have heard from fellow travelers I knew I'd love to visit.

So, when we decided to end our Europe trip in Copenhagen, I quickly jumped online to research everything we needed to see on our trip. I was over the moon excited about finally seeing Scandinavia and exploring Copenhagen.

Oresund Bridge

And to my amazement, I learned Sweden is only a 30 minute trip away from Copenhagen. Øresund Bridge, 8km long and an engineering marvel, connects Denmark and Sweden and I instantly knew we were going to take a day trip to Malmö from Copenhagen.

After we explored Copenhagen, we headed out bright and early to Copenhagen's Central Station and purchased tickets to Malmö. For an adult, the ticket will cost you 100 DK each way but they do have a family ticket which includes two adults and up to three children and is cheaper. Trains depart roughly every 10 minutes and the ride lasts only 35 minutes. The Malmö train station is located in the middle of the city and is a great spot to start exploring.

We weren't sure what to expect from Malmö but it was a beautiful day and we were eager to check out the city.

Sankt Petri Church

We first headed We first headed to Sankt Petri Church which was about 5 minutes away from the train station. The gothic style church was constructed in 1319 and is quite beautiful.

Sankt Petri Church Malmo

Malmö's Squares

Malmö has several squares throughout the city. After touring Sankt Petri Church, we walked toward Stortorget which is the oldest and largest square.

It was pretty quiet and empty when we arrived so we strolled through the square taking pictures of the architecture and the beautiful tulips that were in full bloom.

Steps away from to Stortorget you'll stumble upon Lilla Torg, which is smaller and in my opinion quite romantic. Lilla Torg is surrounded by historical buildings and small shops and is still used as a marketplace. I love European squares and this one did not disappoint.

With the sun shining, we set outside at one of the many restaurants in Lilla Torg and enjoyed lunch while people watching. It was one of my favorite moments during out trip.

City of Parks

Malmö is known as the "City of Parks" and it is easy to see why. There is no shortage of greenery which we thoroughly enjoyed and added to the charm of Malmö.

Malmo's parks

Kungsparken is in the city center and a quick walk from Lilla Torg. We strolled through the park letting Milena feed the ducks and do a little exploring.

Now that we are traveling with a toddler, we are definiltey on a different pace than we used to be. But its time like these that make our traveling trio so much more fun than when it was just Ryan and I. Seeing Milena smile while we are exploring a foreign country makes me one happy and proud mom.

As you walk through Kungsparken, you will run into Malmöhus and Slottstradgarden. Malmöhus is a castle built in 1434 and has a a museum and aquarium inside. Its an interesting building and has a nice walking path surrounding the structure.

Malmo day trip

The Slottstradgarden is right next to Malmöhus and is small and quiet park. There is a a Dutch windmill called Slottsmöllan which added to the charm of the park.

We walked through the park to head to the Øresund Strait and back towards the train station.

During our walk towards the beach, Milena fell asleep in the stroller (such a champ!) so we enjoyed a quiet walk along the coast. Ribersborgsstranden offered perfect views of the Turning Torso and Øresund Bridge and we simply enjoyed the beautiful scenery and warm weather.

Turning torso Malmo, Sweden

Malmö was a great day trip from Copenhagen. Unfortunately, Malmö has a poor reputation for travelers due to its lack of sights like other Scandinavian cities.

In my opinion, the reputation doesn't do the city justice. Malmö was a clean and relaxing city and very green. The lack of major sights was actually quite appealing. We were able to stroll through the city with no real schedule and simply enjoy what was around us.

Our walk through the city allowed us to catch a glimpse into the culture of Malmö and appreciate its simplicity. Sometimes impulsive decisions, like a day trip to Malmö, offers a breath of fresh air during busy travels. Trying to always scratch a museum, church or castle off a list of must sees you can miss out on just enjoying the city or country you're visiting.


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