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Day trip to Rüdesheim am Rhein

It couldn't have been a more perfect day. The weather was sunny and warm, we were all in great spirits and we were in German wine country.

For the past 10 years, my mother-in-law has been wanting to take us to Rüdesheim am Rhein, and this May we finally made the trip. I am a big wino and have recently started studying wine so I was beyond excited we were going to be trying German Rieslings next to their vineyards.

Rüdesheim am Rhein is a famous, winemaking town located in the Rhine Valley. Many cruises make stops here along their journey down the Rhine so it is pretty well-known among fellow tourists. The vineyards encircle the quaint city which sprawls along the river. Its a beautiful town full of culture and rich history.

We arrived on a Saturday so it was busy with tourists and German bachelorette parties (which was quite entertaining to see) but it wasn't overcrowded. Our first stop was to the famous and charming Drosselgasse which is a historic alley located in the old town. The street is filled with German restaurants, beer gardens and kitschy souvenir shops. It really comes to life at night as live music is played and wine is flowing.

I strolled along the alley window shopping and we popped in a few restaurants for a drink... or two before wondering to our next stop.

Niederwald Monument

Sitting high above the Rhine Valley is the beautiful Niederwald Monument which depicts Germania, the myth female that represents Germany. She was constructed in the 1870s to commemorate the unification of Germany. The monument is impressive as she towers over the valley. At her feet you have an unobstructive view of the vineyards and the Rhine and it is a perfect spot to get a panorama.

To reach the monument, you can either hike through the vineyards or take the cable car. Since the weather was so nice, we opted for the cable car which gave us an impressive look over the valley. You can find the cable car station in town near Drosselgasse.

Even though heights make me weak in the knees, I loved the ride up to the monument. The area is incredibly beautiful and the ride was stress free, even with a toddler and a stroller.

After taking in the views of Rüdesheim am Rhein, we decided to find a nice restaurant and actually try some of the amazing wine the Rhine Valley is known for.

When I travel, I always try and find restaurants that cater to the locals rather than tourists so we walked several streets away from Drosselgasse to look for something to eat.

On a random street we found a place with outdoor seating with men unloading crates and crates of wine to the restaurant. A very good sign. We ended our afternoon eating schnitzel, drinking darn good Riesling and enjoying time with my husband's family. It was a beautiful way to end our spectacular afternoon in Rüdesheim am Rhein.

I can't wait to come back to Germany's wine region, it truly is amazing!

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