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Lost in a sea of yellow

German rapeseed flower

When we travel to Germany, we often go in the fall and winter which leaves us with pretty dreary weather. However, this year we went at the end of April and spring was in full swing.

German rapeseed flower field

Surrounding my husband's hometown of Butzbach are dozens of fields of bright, yellow rapeseed flowers spanning as far as the eye can see. They are beautiful and I was amazed at how many fields there were. In May they are in full bloom and are a very important crop for Germany.

Driving on the Autobahn I was constantly tempted to jump out and to try and get some photos to show the magnitude of the fields of rapeseed flowers. They were beautiful and I'm so happy we traveled to Germany when they were blooming!

A House of Sparrows in rapeseed field in Germany

* Tip: if you have allergies beware! I was sneezing like crazy afterwards and do not wear white pants... I learned the hard way!

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